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It started over 50 years ago…

It started over 50 years ago…

Today’s successful product series Camillen 60 of the company Raue emerged out of every day practical routine – directly out of the foot care practice of the company founder and name giver Hedwig Raue. She used her decade-long professional experience not only in the field of education, but at the end of the 50s, she also developed the cornerstone of the Camillen-60 products from a long-term idea of producing her own foot care products.

Based on her special knowledge, which Mrs. Raue gained through everyday professional routine, she already knew the important attributes of a foot care product since a long time. Foot care products should feature anti-inflammatory as well as skin regenerating attributes. For this reason it was decided to use the valuable active substances of the medicinal and healing plant chamomile which was well known since centuries. Consequently, the best known active substances of the chamomile, azulene and bisabolol, became the base active substances of the first foot care products of Raue.

The first product came on the market in 1960 and was therefore registered under the name camillen-fussbalsam 60 at the brand registry. After further products were developed, the present brand label Camillen 60 with the memorable foot on the chamomile flower evolved.

Today the product series includes more than 40 different foot care and body care products and a comprehensive range of adhesive bandages and pressure relief products.

Since 1971, the company is in the hands of the Kuntz family; meanwhile in the second generation. Mr. Wolfgang Kuntz manages the company since 1995 and moved the company head office from the inner city of Hanover to Burgewedel in 2000. Here, all Camillen 60 foot care and body care products are produced with the support of modern manufacturing machines and automated bottling stations according to the highest quality and hygiene standards.