Your online cosmetics shop: high-quality products and accessories for foot care

As a rule, our feet are exposed to high stress every day, as they carry us from A to B, while they have to spend most of their time in shoes and often bear additional weight on them. Unfortunately, healthy pads, heels and toes are all too often taken for granted, but your feet in particular enjoy continuous care. In order to prevent or remedy a wide variety of complaints, we offer a broad range of care products and accessories in our online cosmetics shop. We are the ideal cosmetics wholesaler for resellers!

In our online cosmetics shop you will find the right utensils for numerous requirements! From cleaning to care to deodorization of the feet, as a wholesaler of cosmetics we offer only the best quality products at reasonable prices. Our family-owned company has been characterised for many decades by the development, manufacture and sale of exclusive, high-quality foot care products.

From chiropodists to wholesalers of cosmetics

Due to our long and successful company history, we can rely on a high degree of experience today, from which a comprehensive know-how in the area of foot care has continuously developed. Hedwig Raue laid the foundation for this in 1931, when she initially ran several pedicure practices from which she founded the company "Raue - Fußpflegeinstitute und Handel mit Orthopädiewaren" in 1952. This resulted in Raue KG as a manufacturing company and technical school as well as today's Raue GmbH, which has been under the management of the Kuntz family since 1971. While the first in-house product "camillen-fußbalsam 60" came onto the market in 1960, our company has developed into a respected cosmetics wholesaler that stores and sells countless products and accessories on a 6,000 square metre area. Among other things we convince with an extraordinarily high variety, since we see ourselves as a wholesaler in nail design and generally in the field of cosmetics, hygiene and wellness as well as for accessories of all kinds.

Set up your own beauty salon - here's the right equipment

The cornerstones of a successful cosmetic studio are a professional facility, trained personnel and tested, certified care products. With us at your side you have found the right partner for all this and much more! In addition to the first-class equipment of your premises, you will also find consulting books and teaching materials as well as numerous other exciting offers. As a wholesaler of cosmetic equipment, we attach particular importance to fulfilling all your wishes in the field of foot care from A to Z. That is why our range includes small parts such as brushes and files as well as large items of furniture such as chairs, cupboards and lamps.

High-quality foot care instruments, creams and special products

In order to guarantee an extensive, protective and healing treatment, we carry numerous exclusive pedicure instruments. In our shop you will not only find various blades for corneal planes or scalpels, but also nail scissors, skin curettes and skin nippers. Furthermore, you can order bur bits and suitable accessories in various versions and designs from us. In addition to foot balm, nail oil, hydro-cream and bath salt, our range also includes the following pedicure machines:

  • Hose pad
  • Toe spreader
  • Heel cushion
  • Hallux splints
  • Manicure bath bowls

Of course, this selection represents only an exemplary insight into our shop in relation to our entire variety. Take a look at the different categories and discover medical utensils such as disinfectants, wound gels or anaesthetic solutions.

High-quality pedicure bur-bits for every requirement

Since long-term foot care not only includes health aspects but also pursues aesthetic goals, we carry various pedicure bur bits and general pedicure instruments. Whether it's shortening and shaping toenails, removing corneas or massaging the feet - we have the right tools for every purpose: From diamond duo-, to conical-, to nail fold bur bits, you'll find everything the pedicure market has to offer here in our shop!

If you are looking for foot care products, which are characterized by low prices and high quality, you are at the right address. We stand for fast delivery and exclusive service. Whether cosmetics, wellness or interior design - we are modern, fast and customer-oriented! As our customer, you enjoy first-class products that have emerged from a perfect symbiosis of tradition and innovation. If you have any questions, please contact us during our business hours by phone or e-mail. Also visit us on Facebook to read the latest news!

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